Paul Alves

Juan Alfonso

Project Foreman Concrete Division Vertical

Mike Allain

Road Superintendent

Chris Costa

Road Superintendent

Anders Alves

Assistant Accounts Receivable, Payable & Social Media Specialist

Concrete Foreman Flat Work speacialist

Doug Andrews 

Project Forman Site Division

Taylor Desmarais

Fernando Ibarra

Project Forman Site Division Utilities Specialist

Project Forman Concrete, Mason & Punch List Specialist

Project Engineer & Social Media Coordinator

Assistant Project Manager

Layout Engineer

Sara Medeiros

Greg Slayton

Project Foreman Site Division

Project Admin, Accounts Receivable   

& Payable

Rafael Raposo

Ashton Rios

Jeff Jasset

Daniel Bache

Jessica Holloway

Assistant Project Manager & Permitting Coordinator

Nate Arruda

Project Foreman Utilities Specialist

At Circle Earth Excavation, we're more than colleagues – we're a family. From the skilled professionals operating heavy machinery on-site to the dedicated team keeping projects running smoothly in the office, we share a common goal: exceeding expectations with quality work and our commitment to safety.

Road Superintendent

Gavin Alves

Assistant Project Manager and President

Tim Vautour

Vice President