Paul Alves

Juan Alfonso

Project Foreman Concrete Division Vertical

Mike Allain

Road Superintendent

Chris Costa

Road Superintendent

Anders Alves

Assistant Accounts Receivable, Payable & Social Media Specialist

Concrete Foreman Flat Work Specialist

Doug Andrews 

Project Forman Site Division

Taylor Desmarais

Fernando Ibarra

Project Forman Site Division Utilities Specialist

Project Forman Concrete, Mason & Punch List Specialist

Project Engineer & Social Media Coordinator

Assistant Project Manager

Junior Estimator

Sara Medeiros

Greg Slayton

Project Foreman Site Division

Project Admin, Accounts Receivable   

& Payable

Rafael Raposo

Ashton Rios

Jeff Jasset

Daniel Bache

Jessica Holloway

Project Manager & Permitting Coordinator

Nate Arruda

Project Foreman Utilities Specialist

At Circle Earth Excavation, we're more than colleagues – we're a family. From the skilled professionals operating heavy machinery on-site to the dedicated team keeping projects running smoothly in the office, we share a common goal: exceeding expectations with quality work and our commitment to safety while honoring God.

Road Superintendent

Gavin Alves

Project Manager & President

Tim Vautour

Vice President

Adrian Lizeiro
Altino Duarte
Anderson Mejivar
Anderson Pires Lizeiro
Anothony Menjivar

Armando Mendes
Bryce Morin
Cameron Maguire

Carlos Alberto

Dixon Hernandez

Elias Pires
Fabricio Brito
Fidel Delgado
Franca Wellington
Jackie Cosmo

Jose Altaminao

Jose Chach

Jose P Gutierrez Batz

Jose P Gutierrez Batz
Juan Sisimit
Julio M Gutierrez Tum
Leonel Valle
Lorenzo Chach
Luis Gutierrez
Manuel Mateo

Marcos Franca

Miguel B Morentes

Miguel Mendoza
Paulo DoRego
Rodrigo Martinez
Rony Soares
Solenir Santos
Tejada Isabel Perez
Thomas Valencia

Walber Salguero

William DaSilva

Our dedicated team of skilled laborers is the backbone of our operation. Their hard work and expertise ensure every project is completed efficiently and safely.


At Circle Earth Excavation, we're built on faith and driven by excellence.

Our team isn't just a collection of colleagues; we're a family united by shared values.